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5 Silver Medals
6 Bronze Medals
10 Thanks on Vellum
5 Chairman's Letter

Each time a lifeboat puts to sea, whether on service or exercise, the crew and launchers receive a financial reward. When the Flamborough stations first opened, each coxswain received an annual retainer of £8 and an assistant £2 per annum. For launching on service (whether successful or not) each crew member received 10 shillings if by day and £1 for a night time service. Exercises were every 3 months and each crew member received 4 shillings for this.

Nowadays each crew member receives approximately £9 per service or exercise. As you can see most lifeboat crew are not in it for the money. The payment comes from knowing that their actions made a difference or more importantly saved a life, a feeling money cannot buy.

In addition to financial reward the Royal National Lifeboat Institution recognises outstanding services with a medal and thanks system. Starting with the highest award, the Gold Medal for gallant deeds of saving life from shipwreck, followed by the Silver and Bronze medals. Next come the Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum and finally the Chairman's Letter of Thanks. These are permanent decorations that are hard won and highly prized by recipients.

. The following is a list of these awards, with some being awarded before lifeboats were on station:

  • Silver Medal - 1839, to Master Mariner Mr. William Dunn for saving eleven crew of the brig 'FORSTER'
  • Silver Medals - 27th December 1853, to Mr. William Parker and Mr. John Parker for saving the crew of the brig 'MARIA'
  • Silver Medal - 11th November 1895, to Coxswain Robin Pockley for saving the crew of the fishing boat 'ELIZABETH'
  • Silver Medal and Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum - 2nd March 1937, to Coxswain George Leng, Vellums to crew members John H. Cross, Edward Slaughter, Robert Emmerson, George Gibbon, Richard Cowling, Robert Leng, George Warcup Jnr., and John C. Emmerson for saving fifteen crew of the steam trawler 'LORD ERNLE'
  • Bronze Medal and Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum - 15th May 1951, to motor mechanic Edward E. Slaughter and Second Coxswain Albert E. Duke for helping to rescue a boy over the cliff
  • Bronze Medal and Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum - 22nd September 1971, to Coxswain George R. Pockley and crewman Alwyn Emmerson for the rescue of two men and a dog from under the cliff.
  • Chairman's Letter of Thanks - 23rd August 1987, to Second Coxswain / mechanic Les Robson and second motor mechanic Robin Sunley for the rescue of trapped skin diver in a cave
  • Chairman's Letter of Thanks - 31st July 1998, to Helmsman Simon Robson and crew members Nigel Atkinson and James Cross for the rescue of two boys from the cliff face
  • Bronze Medals - 20th November 1998, to former crew members Robert Major, John Major, James Major and John Crossland for their part in the 1971 rescue

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