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A Timeline History

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Before the RNLI
Station History

1806 - Mr. John Matson of Bridlington built the Present Flamborough Lighthouse

1829 - Sir Robert Peel re-organizes the London Police Force, they are nicknamed 'Bobbies in his honour

1839 - Master Mariner Mr. William Dunn awarded the Silver Medal for saving the 11 man crew from the brig 'FORSTER'

27th December 1853 - Mr. William and John Parker awarded Silver Medals for saving the crew of the brig 'MARIA'

1860 - Florence Nightingale establishes a training school for nurses

10th February 1871 - The Great Gale wrecks an estimated 30 ships and claims the lives of at least 70 seamen

November 1871 - The Flamborough Lifeboat stations are built at North Landing and South Landing

21st November 1871 - The 'GERTRUDE' arrives at the No. 1 station and 'ST. MICHEALS PADDINGTON' at No. 2

1st May 1873 - Dr. David Livingstone, the famous explorer dies near Bangweulu

14th October 1875 - The 'GALWAY LASS' is wrecked at the lighthouse, with the loss of all hands

12th September 1887 - The No. 1 Station lifeboat is replaced with the 'MARY FREDERICK'

12th December 1895 - Coxswain Robin Pockley awarded the Silver Medal for saving the crew of the coble 'ELIZABETH'

1898 - H. G. Wells publishes the book 'The War of the Worlds'

5th November 1901 - The newly built lifeboat 'Matthew MIDDLEWOOD' is sent to the No. 2 station

September 1904 - The No.1 Station lifeboat 'MARY FREDERICK' is condemned and reserve lifeboat 'LILY BIRD' is sent to station

September 1905 - The No. 1 station receives the newly built 'FORESTER' lifeboat to replace the 'MARY FREDERICK'

1908 - Herbert Henry Asquith is elected as Prime Minister of Great Britain

5th February 1909 - Two local cobles 'GLEANER' and 'TWO BROTHERS' are lost with all hands, entering North Landing

1933 - The No. 2 station is sent the 'JANE HANNAH MACDONALD' lifeboat, which previously served at Appledore

1934 - The 'Queen Mary' liner is launched, which later went on to win the 'Blue Riband'

31st August 1934 - First Liverpool class motor lifeboat 'ELIZABETH AND ALBINA WHITLEY' is sent to the No.1 station

2nd March 1937 - Silver Medal awarded for the rescue of the crew of the trawler 'LORD ERNLE'

8th December 1938 - The No. 2 South Landing station is closed as motor lifeboats take over

2nd September 1945 - The Second World War is officially declared as over

December 1948 - The 'HOWARD D' takes up station in Flamborough after previously serving in the Channel Islands

15th May 1951 - Bronze Medal awarded for the rescue of a boy over the cliff

19th August 1952 - The Bridlington lifeboat capsizes at Flamborough and one crewman is drowned

June 1953 - The newly built Liverpool class lifeboat 'FRIENDLY FORESTER' takes up station

30th September 1955 - The film star James Dean is killed in a car crash

7th December 1959 - The dredger 'PORT SUNLIGHT' comes aground and 2 are lost trying to come ashore

22nd September 1971 - Bronze Medal awarded for the rescue of two men and a dog trapped under the cliff

5th January 1983 - The Oakley class lifeboat 'WILL AND FANNY KIRBY' takes up station after previously serving at Seaham

1984 - Britain & China sign the treaty for the return of Hong Kong to China

23rd January 1984 - The 'WILL AND FANNY KIRBY' is almost capsized whilst entering Scarborough Harbour

7th May 1984 - The 'CAROL SANDRA' is sunk and 'NORTH WIND' is capsized during the search for survivors - 7 are lost

23rd August 1987 - Chairman's Letters of Thanks awarded for the rescue of a skin diver trapped in a cave

29th October 1988 - The space shuttle 'Discovery' resumes flights after the disaster in 1986

1992 - The old South Landing station is demolished and a new boathouse built in readiness for the Atlantic class lifeboat

11th July 1993 - First reserve Atlantic 21 arrives at South Landing to run in parallel with the Oakley

16th August 1993 - The 'WILL AND FANNY KIRBY' finally leaves Flamborough and the North Landing station is closed

15th February 1994 - The newly built Atlantic 75 'JASON LOGG' takes up station at South Landing

31st July 1998 - Chairman's Letters of Thanks awarded for the rescue of two boys trapped on the cliff at Thornwick

20th November 1998 - Retrospective Bronze Medals awarded to the crew of the 1971 rescue of two men and a dog

1st January 2000 - A new millenium starts and predicted computer crashes simply do not happen!

13th August 2007 - The newly built Atlantic 85 'ELIZABETH JANE PALMER' takes up station at South Landing

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