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Rescue of the 'Elizabeth' - 11th November 1895

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This is the first medal winning service to involve crew from the lifeboat, although the lifeboat was not actually launched.

It was the 11th of November 1895, when a strong South Easterly gale was blowing up heavy seas. Coxswain of the No.1 lifeboat Mr Robert (Robin) Pockley was watching a Flamborough fishing coble called the 'Elizabeth'. The boat was making its way through the heavy sea several miles off Flamborough Head, when the crew were washed overboard by a large wave.

Coxswain Pockley realized that it would take too long to call out the lifeboat crew and launch to their aid. He and two others put off in their own 19 foot coble at great personal risk. They fought their way to the stricken crew and managed to rescue all three, in an ordinary fishing coble, before the sea took them.

For this rescue in the true traditions of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Coxswain Pockley was awarded the Silver Medal for gallantry and the sum of £2. The other two men were also awarded the sum of £2 for their part. The medal was presented on the 12th December 1895.

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