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"MATTHEW MIDDLEWOOD" (O.N. 474) 1901 - 1933

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Matthew Middlewood

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Total Service Calls: 46
Lives Saved: 100
People Assisted: Unknown
Vessels Saved: 6
Vessels Assisted: 19±
Took Up Station: 5 Nov 1901
Left Station: 1933


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The second lifeboat for the number two station was also named "MATTHEW MIDDLEWOOD", as was her predecessor. She arrived on station on Tuesday 5th November 1901. The boat cost some £850, which again had been defrayed from a donation from Mr. George Middlewood and Miss Middlewood, of Rufforth Hall, York.

This new boat was the latest self righting type, 35 feet long, 8 feet 3 inches in beam, and weighed in at 3 tons 13 cwt. She carried a crew of Coxswain, Second Coxswain, bowman and 10 oarsmen. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution were starting to increase the beam of the self righting lifeboats towards the end of the nineteenth century. The narrow beamed lifeboats were not as popular with the crews, who had started to refer to them as 'roley poley boats'.

On arriving at South Landing the new lifeboat was launched on sea trials. She was taken to the head end and back with Captain Holmes R.N., the District Inspector of lifeboats onboard. The crew and inspector were entirely satisfied with her performance in the stiff north easterly breeze.

The second "MATTHEW MIDDLEWOOD", as she became known, was to be the longest serving lifeboat to be stationed at Flamborough. She served from 1901 until 1933, during which time it is recorded that she launched on service some 46 times and saved the lives of 100 people.


Notable Services

7th September 1917 

- To the steamer "GRELFRYDA" of Cardiff (torpedoed and sinking), saved 31 and vessel.

1st March 1917 

- To the steamer "APPOLLONIA" of Polermo (sinking), saved 3.

2nd March 1916 

- To the steamer "MARY" of Riga (running aground), saved 18.

17th July 1915 

- To the steamer "EIDER" of Newcastle (in difficulties), helped to save 8

16th February 1915 

- To the steamer "RHENANIA" of London (running aground), saved 17.

27th November 1910 

- To the motor vessel "DILIGENCE" of Fraseburgh (running aground), saved 7 and vessel.

30th January 1907  

- To the barquentine "LATONA" of Portsmouth (running aground), saved 8 and vessel.

12th December 1906 

- To the ketch "Britannia" of Scarborough (sinking), assisted to save vessel.

26th January 1902 

- To the barquentine "AURORA" of Guernsey (in difficulties), saved 8 and vessel.

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