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The Tragedies

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Flamborough Head forms one of the most impressive landscapes on the East Yorkshire coast. The white chalk cliffs extend into the North Sea by approximately 6 miles. To the casual observer the waters around Flamborough look tranquil and generally are on a fine day. Those of you who have witnessed a full on gale can tell a different story as a roaring lion is awoken. The aftermath of a gale can last for days and coupled with other unseen dangers can catch out the experienced and novice alike. To the north of the head large boulders lay underneath the 400 feet high Bempton and Speeton cliffs. Razor sharp wave cut platforms are notorious around Thornwick Bay, North Landing, Silex Bay and Stacks. To the south are the Smithic Sands, which can generate large breaking waves, which run down the bay towards Bridlington.

Flamborough LighthouseIt comes as no big surprise that the East Coast of Yorkshire has seen more than its fair share of wrecks and tragedies. It has been estimated, that since the year 1500, over 50,000 vessels have come to grief off this coast. Thankfully in recent times the balance has been redressed. This can, in some part be attributed to the lighthouse being built in 1806, a reduction of traffic using these waters, and more recently the advances made in navigation technology. The lifeboat service has undoubtedly been another major contributing factor.

Listed below are some of the more prominent tragedies that have occurred around Flamborough Head. It is by no means a complete list, and never will be, as some tragedies were never seen. The list is as follows:

7th May 1984 - The loss of the 'CAROL SANDRA' and 'NORTH WIND III' around Breil Newk

7th December 1959 - The 'PORT SUNLIGHT' on Stacks Beach

19th August 1952 - The Bridlington Lifeboat tragedy in Thornwick Bay

5th February 1909 - The capsize of the Cobles 'GLEANER' and 'TWO BROTHERS' in North Landing

14th October 1875 - The Wreck of the Galway Lass in Silex Bay

10th February 1871 - The Great Gale

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