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Royal National Lifeboat Institution

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RNLI on-lineThe RNLI is a registered charity, which exists to save life at sea. It provides, on call, the 24-hour lifeboat service necessary to cover search and rescue requirements up to 100 miles out from the coast of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. The Institution is entirely dependant on donations and legacies for its income. Since its foundation in 1824, over 137,000 people have been saved.

There are over 230 lifeboat stations with an active fleet of over 330 lifeboats. Modern lifeboats, designed to the highest standards and fitted with sophisticated equipment, cost thousands of pounds to build and maintain. They range from 4.9m to 17m in length and allow the service to reach at leat 90% of all casualties within 10 nautical miles of lifeboat stations within 30 minutes of launch in all weathers. The smallest rescue craft costs £8,000 to build ranging to the largest, a 16m Tamar class which costs approximately £2,500,000. The B-class boats cost around £125,000.

It cost approximately £120 million pounds to run the service in 2005. This works out at over £330,000 a day! Of every pound spent, 78 pence goes on maintaining and replacing the current fleet, new equipment and shore facilities; 19 pence goes towards fund raising and just 3 pence is spent on administration. Any surplus income is held in the RNLI's reserve fund and used to guarantee the boat building and maintenance programme's.

Lifeboatmen are all volunteers although the mechanic is usually a full-time employee of the RNLI. Teachers, engineers, fishermen, doctors, men and women from all walks of life - are lifeboat crew members. In addition to their everyday jobs, they are ready to exchange the comforts of home for cold, wet, fatigue and possible danger. Whatever the weather, or the time of day or night, distress calls are always answered.

One very important reason for a voluntary service is that each lifeboat station attracts the support of a number of able and active people from the community whose interest is the sea. They devote considerable time and energy to the efficiency and well-being of the station and often their local knowledge is vital. Whenever the lifeboat crews put to sea and whatever they are required to face, they can always rely on the loyalty and support of the community.

To find out more, visit the R.N.L.I. home page at: www.rnli.org.uk

The RNLI are developing an online souvenir shop, which is up and running at: www.rnlishop.org.uk/

The RNLI exists to save lives at sea and is supported entirely by voluntary contributions & legacies

The RNLI also produces it's own magazine called "The Lifeboat", which is published every quarter. It contains a vast array of information on the RNLI including :

  • News and Views
  • Notable Services of the Quarter
  • In Depth Articles on Lifeboats and Lifeboating
  • A Look at Some of the Latest Books on Lifeboats and the Sea
  • Your Letters
  • The Fundraisers - How some of the RNLI's Funds were Raised
  • Station-by-Station Service lists for the Previous 3 Months

E:Mail them on : thelifeboat@rnli.org.uk or info@rnli.org.uk

To contact the R.N.L.I. by Snail Mail:
West Quay Road
BH15 1HZ
Telephone +44 (0) 1202 663000
Fax +44 (0) 1202 663167

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