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"JANE HANNAH MACDONALD" (O.N. 611) 1933 - 1938

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Jane Hannah Macdonald

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Total Service Calls: 3
Lives Saved: 0
People Assisted: Unknown
Vessels Saved: 0
Vessels Assisted:
Took Up Station: 1933
Left Station: 8 Dec 1938


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The "Matthew MIDDLEWOOD" was withdrawn from service in 1933 after 32 years on station. She was replaced by a slightly larger boat named "JANE HANNAH MACDONALD", which had been built in 1910. The boat cost £931, which had come from a legacy of Mrs. MacDonald of Brighton.

The boat had been originally built for the Appledore station in North Devon. She was placed in the reserve fleet in 1922 when the Appledore station received their first motor lifeboat. During her time in the reserve fleet she saw very little action.

The Royal Nation Lifeboat Institution by now were heavily committed to the motor lifeboats. The motor lifeboats could cover larger areas and attain greater speeds than the pulling and sailing lifeboats. Indeed the number one station and flanking stations at Bridlington and Filey all had motor lifeboats. At a committee meeting of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, on the 8th December 1938, it was decided to close the number two South Landing station as it was now deemed unnecessary. This would not be the last time this decision would be made for Flamborough.

The "JANE HANNAH MACDONALD" served at Flamborough for a relatively short period of 5 years. During this period she was launched on service only 3 times without saving any lives. Her last service was on the 21st December 1937 to the steamer "BENEFICIENT" of Sunderland, which was being driven ashore in a strong gale on the south side of the head.

The lifeboat was sold out of service to a Mr. J. Lister for the sum of fifty pounds. He donated the lifeboat to the Bridlington Sea Scouts. This brought to an end the number two station, after 67 years of existence. Lifeboats from the number two station had launched on service 62 times, saved at least 6 vessels, and saved the lives of 108.


Notable Services

21st December 1937 

- To the steamer "BENEFICIENT" of Sunderland (in difficulties), stood by vessel.

2nd October 1937 

- To the motor vessel "REJA" of Groningen (engine failure), rendered assistance.

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