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"ELIZABETH JANE PALMER" (O.N. B-820) 2007 - To Date

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Elizabeth Jane Palmer

Elizabeth Jane Palmer in action


Total Service Calls: 7
Lives Saved: 1
People Assisted: 17
Vessels Saved: 0
Vessels Assisted: 3
Entered Service: 13 Aug 2007


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Early in 2007 the R.N.L.I announced to the station that it would receive one of the new Atlantic 85 class lifeboats. This would replace the "JASON LOGG" which had seen 13½ years of active service and launched on active duty nearly 400 times. The new boat, B-820 'ELIZABETH JANE PALMER' was brought down by road from the northern base and lifted into Bridlington Harbour by crane at 3pm on Thursday 9 August 2007. After several days of intensive instruction the new boat was placed on service on Monday 13th August 2007 by District Inspector Andrew Ashton.

The new lifeboat was not officially named until 2pm on Saturday 10th November 2007 at South Landing. Branch Chairman, Councillor Norman Hall, MBE, conducted the proceedings. Training Divisional Inspector for the North Division, Mr. Robbie Warrington, gave a description of the boat. Mr. Bill Wraith, father of the late Elizabeth Palmer and organiser of the Memorial Appeal, handed over the lifeboat into the care of the R.N.L.I. after giving a moving account of his daughter, whom the boat is named after. Mrs Ann Watkin, member of the Council of the RNLI accepted the lifeboat on behalf of the R.N.L.I. and placed it into the care of the Flamborough Station. Flamborough Lifeboat Operations Manager, Captain Chris Hoskison, MN (ret'd) accepted the lifeboat on behalf of the Flamborough Station. The Flamborough Vicar, the Reverend Dr Peter Pike conducted a short service of dedication, blessing the crew and the boat. After this, Mrs. Jean Cross, Chairman of the Flamborough Lifeboat Supporters proposed a vote of thanks. Mr Bill Wraith and Alex Palmer named the boat "ELIZABETH JANE PALMER". Finally the lifeboat was launched, to applause from the crowd and carried out a short exercise.

" ELIZABETH JANE PALMER " is an Atlantic 85 B Class lifeboat, and is the newest class of lifeboat in the R.N.L.I. fleet. The boat has an operational number of B-820, the B standing for B-Class; 820 meaning the 20th Atlantic 85 to be built as the 85's started at 800 opposed to the 75's which started at 700. The lifeboat cost 125,000 and was built at the Inshore Lifeboat Centre at Cowes, Isle of Wight. This cost was met by the memorial fund set up by Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wraith in memory of their daughter, who passed away at the early age of 25 from leukaemia.

The Atlantic 85 is a modified design of its predecessor the Atlantic 75. The boat is 8.3m in length, 2.8m in beam and weighs 1.97 tonnes. The hull is made of foam cored carbon fibre composite and is divided into 6 watertight compartments. Underneath the deck at the aft are two 25-gallon fuel tanks. In the bows a water ballast system has been fitted, which can be emptied and re-filled whilst the boat is at sea. Surrounding the deck is an inflatable hypalon coated nylon tube called a sponson, which provides extra stability. The sponson is divided into chambers and separated with conical diaphragms, which transfer some pressure forward should one chamber suffer damage. A tubular aluminium roll bar on the aft supports the righting equipment, navigation lights, radar, Direction Finding and VHF aerials. The righting bag is manually activated with compressed gas in the event of a capsize and can right the boat in around 8 seconds. Two 115hp Yamaha 4-stroke petrol outboard engines provide the power and steering and give a top speed of 35 knots. These can be operated manually in the event of steering failure. The boats are now equipped with daylight GPS, Sailor VHF radio set, Feruno Radar, Radio direction finder, crew intercom system, echo sounder, full first aid kit, oxygen set, flares and search lights.

Notable Services

22nd August 2007 

- To a person in the water (swept out to sea), saved 1.

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