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"FORESTER" (O.N. 549) 1905 - 1934

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Total Service Calls: 42
Lives Saved: 73
People Assisted: 39±
Vessels Saved: 5
Vessels Assisted: 97±
Took Up Station: Sep 1905
Left Station: Aug 1934


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A new 35 feet long and 8 feet 3inch beam lifeboat arrived on station in September 1905, to replace the previously condemned lifeboat "MARY FREDERICK" and subsequent reserve lifeboat "LILY BIRD". The new boat was named O.N. 549 "FORESTER" and cost a total of £948. This sum was donated by Ancient Order of Foresters Friendly Society. This would be the last pulling and sailing lifeboat to be sent to Flamborough as the Royal National Lifeboat Institution were starting to convert lifeboats and put petrol engines in.

"FORESTER" stayed at Flamborough for some twenty nine years eventually being replaced in 1934. During her time at Flamborough she had been instrumental in saving the lives of seventy three seamen. Her service covered the period of the first World War and records show her assisting a number of vessels that been torpedoed. "FORESTER" has also attempted a rescue during the disaster of 5th February 1909 when two Flamborough fishing cobles "GLEANER" and "TWO BROTHERS" capsized in the entrance to North Landing, with the loss of seven.

Eventually "FORESTER" left North Landing on 31st August 1934. She had been bought off the Institution by a man from Whitsatble who intended to convert her into a pleasure yacht.

Notable Services

14th August 1934 

- To people cut off by the tide in Thornwick Bay, saved 4.

28th April 1930 

- To the Admiralty Fuelling steamer "ROSA" (ran aground), saved 16.

20th March 1924 

- To the steamer "ALLEGIANCE" of Liverpool (engine failure/grounding), saved 5 and vessel.

27th September 1917 

- To the steamer "GRELTORIA" of Cardiff (torpedoed and sinking), assisted 39 to shore.

22nd September 1917 

- To the steamer "IRONGATE" (torpedoed and sinking), saved 2.

7th September 1917 

- To the steamer "GRELFRYDA" of Cardiff (torpedoed and sinking), saved 7 and vessel.

1st March 1917 

- To the steamer "APPOLLONIA" of Polermo (sinking), saved 5.

29th February 1916 

- To the steamer "BALTIC" of Grimsby (ran aground), saved 7.

13th December 1911 

- To the steam trawler "LARK" of Hull (ran aground), saved 9.

30th December 1909 

- To the steam trawler "PELICAN" of Hull (ran aground), saved 9.

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